ZT130U / ZT165U / ZT200U

Type ZT130U ZT165U ZT200U
Info Page At work At work At work
Payload 130kg 165kg 200kg
Motion Range JT1 360° 360° 360°
JT2 135° 135° 135°
JT3 260° 260° 260°
JT4 720° 720° 720°
JT5 260° 260° 260°
JT6 720° 720° 720°
Speed JT1 105°/s 105°/s 90°/s
JT2 105°/s 105°/s 90°/s
JT3 105°/s 105°/s 90°/s
JT4 140°/s 135°/s 120°/s
JT5 135°/s 135°/s 115°/s
JT6 230°/s 210°/s 180°/s
Repeatability ±0.3mm ±0.3mm ±0.3mm
Max. Reach * 3.230mm 3.230mm 3.230mm
Installation Shelf Shelf Shelf
Weight 1.750kg 1.750kg 1.750kg
Controller D42 D42 D42

* Distance from JT1 to JT5
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